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 Welcome to Lavender Leadlights 


My name is Sue Russ, I have been creating with glass for about 16  years now.  My passion is leadlight and also the Tiffany method of copperfoiling.  I also dabble in mosaics, fusing and kiln fused glass work.


It's very rewarding knowing that when I create a traditionally handcrafted leadlight  panel, it will be around for many years.  Designing and building a panel for a home is a very personal process and when it is installed and I stand back and look at it, I feel privileged to be a part of it.  

 When time permits you'll find me making my weird little copperfoiled projects that are created from a thought, a memory or even a dream.  I enjoy bringing these pieces to life and I'm always excited to send them home with their new owners when purchased, it means they relate to them somehow also.

 I am pleased to say that while I am still learning everyday, I know that with my art I can beautify a home by bringing it to life with the wonder of light shining through glass!

Thankyou to my Grade 3 primary school teacher Miss Hall with her arrangement of wine bottles holding plants in them them on the windowsill in the classroom.  The light shining through the glass was always beautiful to me.